Writing a book with ibooks author reviews

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Writing a book with ibooks author reviews

February 19, By Dan Koboldt Writing a trilogy or a multi-book series has numerous advantages, especially for writers of genre fiction.

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From an efficiency standpoint, it allows authors to tell multiple stories using the same characters and world. It also encourages reader loyalty, providing a built-in audience for each subsequent book. In speculative fiction, especially epic fantasy, readers expect books to be part of a series.

I credit that to a couple of seminal works in the genre that came in three parts: The Lord of the Rings and the original Star Wars movies. Martin took ten years to write A Game of Thrones, and it shows.

The appendix alone would have taken me about five years to put together. Book one also enjoys the benefit of a complex revision gauntlet before getting published.

writing a book with ibooks author reviews

Given how long it takes most authors to break in, the revision period may last years. Hopefully, it improves at every turn. You also have to write the whole thing before trying to get it published.

These practicalities help simplify things when it comes to book one: My Experience with Book One: During NaNoWriMoI began writing a new project about a Las Vegas magician who gets hired by a large corporation to infiltrate a secret medieval world.

It was my fourth NaNoWriMo project. As I neared the end, I began to fancy the idea that I might try to get it published. I knew very little about the industry then, so I dove into research.

InI found an agent, and inwe sold the book to HarperCollins. In between were many bouts of angst, interminable periods of waiting, and even the occasional flash of self-doubt.

But I was lucky, and learned that The Rogue Retrieval would be published in early Then it was time to write book two. And you have even less time to write, because you likely must devote some of your energies into promoting and marketing book one. It does help that the characters and their relationships are already somewhat established.

When writing a trilogy, you need to continue the story from book one while escalating everything—conflict, tension and stakes—to pull readers along to the finale.

Yet book two also needs to provide some satisfaction to readers. The plucky rebels have won a major victory, but they still face a powerful enemy. Second book, second mission.

That gave me December and January to write the rest. The Rogue Retrieval was published on January 19th, which kept me incredibly busy. Still, I managed to get the manuscript out to my critique partners by the end of January.

Everything had gone reasonably well. And then I got my edit letter. My editor said that he enjoyed the manuscript, and with a bit of polishing it could be a good book.

But he also thought it could be a great book, if I was willing to tackle some major revisions. I was willing, of course. I want every book to be great. In a trilogy, book three is the end.

And in all of fiction, endings are everything.via GIPHY (This is literally the gif that came up when I typed "sad author." I was like, aw. And then I remembered that Snooki wrote a leslutinsduphoenix.com) I will read from the book, if .

Lastly, iBooks Author has much more robust tools when it comes to publishing. The app can send a preview to an iPad for on-device proofing, which I find incredibly helpful.

The app also includes a publishing tool that makes it easy to prep a file for the iBooks Store; all Pages can do is create an ePub file to the Finder. 7 thoughts on “ Tips for Writing a Programming Book ” important site November 12, at pm. You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be really one thing which.

writing a book with ibooks author reviews

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