Write a detailed note on information system building block

We are very aware that many of our customers were significantly impacted by this event, and as with any significant service issue, our intention is to share the details of what happened and how we will improve the service for our customers. As with any complicated operational issue, this one was caused by several root causes interacting with one another and therefore gives us many opportunities to protect the service against any similar event reoccurring.

Write a detailed note on information system building block

If the holiday falls on a Saturday daycare will be closed the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday daycare will be closed the Monday after. We also use these days for our continuing education write a detailed note on information system building block CPR, Pediatric First Aid, etc in order to keep our childcare license in good standing.

Of course we will give you as much of an advance notice as possible. Vacations Top We allot ourselves 2 weeks of vacation a year.

The dates of our vacation will be posted at least one month in advance.

write a detailed note on information system building block

Deposit Top A nonrefundable deposit equal to two weeks of childcare costs is due at time of enrollment. The deposit will be credited towards the last two weeks of your child's enrollment. Please make checks payable to Building Blocks Home Daycare.

Payment is due on Monday of each week or on the first day of the week attending daycare. Payment is due on the first business day of each month or on the first day of the month attending daycare.

It must be understood that to hold your child's space, payment must be paid whether your child attends or not. Payment is based on contract, not attendance. In all scenarios your new payment will default to the current price of the newly enrolled schedule.

In other words, your days contracted are your days and cannot be altered on a weekly basis. However, keep in mind you can also pay for extra days on an as needed basis for the cost of your current average daily amount e. Late Pickup Policy Top If your child is picked up after 5: Please be courteous and arrive on time.

After hours is time with our family. Health Matters Top For the health and safety of your child and all of the children in our daycare, please do not bring your child to daycare sick. In which case we in turn may become sick making it difficult to care for the children at the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

Advance Notice

We can only care for children with mild cold like symptoms that are otherwise feeling and acting well. Mild cold like symptoms are clear runny nose, slight cough, and a slight or no fever. If you are not sure if your child should be brought to daycare, then please call and check with us.

If a child becomes ill during daycare hours the parents will be contacted to pick up their child. Parents need to pick up their children within one hour of being notified.

If parents are not available, the emergency contact person will be notified. Once the child is removed from daycare due to illness, they may not return to daycare until symptoms requiring removal are no longer present.

Building Blocks of Information Security

The child must also be void of any contagious disease, unless accompanied by a doctor's note stating the illness in question is not contagious, and the child is other wise feeling well enough to participate in our daily schedule. Guidelines For Children Requiring Exclusion From Daycare Top A child with any of the following illnesses must be completely free of any symptoms before returning to daycare.

If the child is taking antibiotics for an illness, the child may return to daycare after the initial 24 hours of beginning antibiotics as long as he or she has a slight to no fever under F under the armno longer contagious, and is otherwise feeling well enough to participate in our daily schedule.

Signs of illness include the following; unusual lethargy, irritability, persistent crying for no reason, runny nose more than clearcough more than slightdifficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, mouth sores, rashes note from doctor stating non-contagious is okpink eye, chicken pox, mumps, measles, roseola, hepatitis A, impetigo, lice, ringworm, scabies, strep throat, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, shingles, and any other contagious disease or rash.

Any child with a fever of degrees or above, orally in the mouthor axillary under the armmay not attend daycare. State law requires that we notify parents of children who have been exposed to certain contagious diseases.

Please notify us if your child becomes infected, so a note can be posted. A fever in and of itself is not all bad given that it is not too high. A fever is your bodies natural way of trying to protect it self against what ever virus or bacteria is attacking it. Illnesses that cause fevers cannot live in our bodies' abnormally hot environment.

However, a fever is an obvious indicator that the child is sick and possibly contagious, therefore requiring exclusion from daycare.

Also, we need to know how many children we need to prepare meals for.

FARSite (Federal Acquisition Regulation Site)

No discounts will be given for your child's absences due to illness or vacations. If your child will not be attending daycare for what ever reason, you are still required to pay.

If your child needs to be medicated in order to get through the day, and be able to comfortably participate in our classroom activities, then it is quite possible he or she may be too sick to attend daycare.Publications.

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