What i learn in english 1301

Composition and Rhetoric I General Description: English involves students in the intensive study and practice of writing processes, from invention and research to drafting, editing, and revising, both individually and collaboratively. Emphasis is placed on effective rhetorical choices, including audience, purpose, arrangement, and style. English focuses on writing the academic essay as a vehicle for learning, communicating, and analysis.

What i learn in english 1301

In many Christian churches, there are two speakers' stands at the front of the church. Often, the one on the left as viewed by the congregation is called the pulpit.

Since the Gospel lesson is often read from the pulpit, the pulpit side of the church is sometimes called the gospel side. In both Catholic and Protestant churches the pulpit may be located closer to the main congregation in the naveeither on the nave side of the crossingor at the side of the nave some way down.

This is especially the case in large churches, to ensure the preacher can be heard by all the congregation. Fixed seating for the congregation came relatively late in the history of church architecture, so the preacher being behind some of the congregation was less of an issue than later.

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Fixed seating facing forward in the nave and modern electric amplification has tended to reduce the use of pulpits in the middle of the nave. Outdoor pulpits, usually attached to the exterior of the church, or at a preaching crossare also found in several denominations. The other speaker's stand, usually on the right as viewed by the congregationis known as the lectern.

The word lectern comes from the Latin word "lectus" past participle of legere, meaning "to read", because the lectern primarily functions as a reading stand.

It is typically used by lay people to read the scripture lessons except for the Gospel lessonto lead the congregation in prayer, and to make announcements. Because the epistle lesson is usually read from the lectern, the lectern side of the church is sometimes called the epistle side. In other churches, the lectern, from which the Epistle is read, is located to the congregation's left and the pulpit, from which the sermon is delivered, is located on the right the Gospel being read from either the centre of the chancel or in front of the altar.

What i learn in english 1301

Though unusual, movable pulpits with wheels were also found in English churches. They were either wheeled into place for each service where they would be used or, as at the hospital church in Shrewsburyrotated to different positions in the church quarterly in the year, to allow all parts of the congregation a chance to have the best sound.

Modern synagogue bimahs are often similar in form to centrally-placed pulpits in Evangelical churches. The use of a bema carried over from Judaism into early Christian church architecture. It was originally a raised platform, often large, with a lectern and seats for the clergy, from which lessons from the Scriptures were read and the sermon was delivered.

In Western Christianity the bema developed over time into the sanctuary and chancel or presbytery. The next development was the ambo, from a Greek word meaning an elevation. This was originally a raised platform from which the Epistle and Gospel would be read, and was an option to be used as a preacher's platform for homiliesthough there were others.

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