Story your life writing a spiritual autobiography book

Pauline Enters the Carmel 4. First Communion and Confirmation 5. A Pilgrimage to Rome 7. The Little Flower Enters the Carmel 8.

Story your life writing a spiritual autobiography book

And it provides the individual the chance some for the first time to reflect on where God has or has not been throughout the stages of their life. It is a humbling experience to have another person share their spiritual autobiography with you.

Even if they just share portions, it is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with something so sacred. Public Narrative is another project from Harvard University that has also gotten some traction in spiritual circles.

This articulation of the relationship of self, other, and action is also at the core of our moral traditions. If I am for myself alone, what am I?

If not now, when?

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The Jesuits give an excellent definition of a spiritual autobiography: It allows the writer to communicate who he is as a person and what is important in his life. Yet the process of crafting a spiritual autobiography demands that he communicate this to himself as well.

It demands that the writer look within himself and that he ask himself the very questions he hopes to answer — Who am I?

story your life writing a spiritual autobiography book

It demands that he look long and seriously at the people, events and experiences of his life, his struggles and conflicts, his strengths and weaknesses, and the decisions he has made. Yet it is in seeking to understand these seemingly disparate facets of his life that he gradually comes to understand them in all their interrelatedness.

Gamber, an on-line EfM mentor, has created a video explaining the metaphor to those who are discerning the moments of shift and journey in their lives. You can develop a time-line, thinking about the historical events that occurred during your life and placing your thoughts, feelings, location and other personal events alongside it.

Put together some photos — personal or magazine clippings that resonant with you for different phases of your life. Or following the model of Godly Play, create an Object Box containing mementos and artifacts which have had meaning to you throughout your life.

The telling generates the story, giving it form and meaning. It becomes something that can speak to the self. You do not have one history but many.

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Tell your story however it suits you. Join 3, other followers.The life story (biography or autobiography) For each, I’ll explain what it is, and how to write it successfully. Share Your Story Writing Efforts. There are hundreds of books on all aspects of writing, from the nuts and bolts of grammar and punctuation to writing in specific genres.

story your life writing a spiritual autobiography book

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Writing Your Legacy provides accessible techniques that are supported by research to help novice and expert writers alike complete a compelling life story. Writing Your Legacy introduces readers to the Guided Autobiography process and parses out the key differences between writing memoirs, autobiographies and life stories.

The Best Spiritual Memoirs. By Sumangali on December 1, A Marriage, Monks and a Writer’s Life. Kathleen Norris. A book about spiritual apathy and hopelessness does not sound very inspiring at first, but the author’s battle against it certainly is.

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A spiritual autobiography is the story of significant events, people and places that To use this technique for writing your spiritual autobiography, follow these steps: page, start with the first steppingstone: “I was born.” Describe key people and events of the early part of .

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