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Starred Review Recently, I posted on Facebook an article that questioned the common view of hell in evangelical churches.

Review flames of love

Review posted July 18, Starred Review Sonderbooks Standout: The article referenced the fact that it isn't entirely clear in the Greek text how the word should be translated - there's definitely a strong case to be made that eternal conscious torment is not what's intended in the original Greek after all.

This did get the attention of some of my friends and relatives. The discussion that followed motivated me to finally pick up this book that I'd purchased awhile back and had been meaning to read - and I love it. In fact, it's completely pertinent. Every objection that people brought up in the online discussion is directly addressed, as are many others.

This book is for people who, like me, believe that the Bible is the Word of God. If you aren't concerned about whether the Bible is entirely true or not, you don't need this book to convince you that a loving God probably isn't going to threaten his creatures with everlasting conscious torment.

Review flames of love

But if you think Isn't that what the Bible says? The author takes Scripture seriously and shows that it may be much more responsible interpretation to take a different view.

Now, a key word here is "everlasting. It does not mean going on and on without end, even though it may mean a very long time. Christian Universalists do not believe that hell is not real, but that it will not last forever and has a redemptive purpose.

They also believe that the Bible's promises that all will be made alive in Christ are completely true. Here are a few sections from the introduction. I believe hell is very real, yet I also believe that a God who is love is also real, and that this God gets the last word.

I related to this next passage. When I became a Universalist, I was afraid that it would destroy any motivation to evangelize. But instead, it made me feel hugely better about evangelism. Now I feel I actually have good news! If the message that Jesus came to bring is that most people will actually spend an eternity experiencing the most horrible torment conceivable, well, to be honest, I can think of much better news than that!

That theological vision does not strike me as good news at all. It certainly does not set my heart on fire with a joyous desire to share this news with as many people as I can.

In fact, when I thought that this view of things was indispensable for Christianity, it made me feel anxious to think about and embarrassed to talk about.

God, it seemed to me, had a dark side underneath the veneer of grace and goodness, contrary to how John summed up the meaning of Jesus's message that "God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all" 1 John 1: There is, however, a theological vision that does strike me as good news, indeed as the best news possible for the world.

It is a vision that fills my heart and soul with grateful awe and joyful excitement.Flames of Love By Reader Aloha A appropriate story with Sugar, a small metropolis woman with a hard past, and Jaxson, the hearth leader. Each has a records they’re attempting to triumph over, and locate that collectively, they can.

Lots of a laugh snippets of life within the fishbowl of a small metropolis. Although Flames of Love is an intellectual book heavy on logic and philosophy, Bradley’s prose is clear and quite readable.

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Small groups and individuals may have to expend more energy to understand this book than they might for lighter studies. "Flames of Love" is Fancy's famous record, this is probably the reason why it's the only album which was released before the s and can still be found.

Back in mid-eighties Fancy was one . 88 people have already reviewed Voice your opinion today and help build trust online. | | Read Reviews out of 88 Do you agree with's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 88 customers have already said.

Reviews for Flames of Love; Anne Verweij chapter 1. 8/5. please update! Scoobybabe chapter 1. 6/2. Please update this story. I want to see what stupid thing Edward and Alice try to commit. natashar chapter 1.

6/2. Will see where it goes. Sarahburch chapter 1. 5/ plz update i love it. demongirl86 chapter 1. Flames of Love is a drama film about four families, four stories linked by a central character of a promiscuous girl played by Valerie Concepcion.

This is a movie about realities in family life and society. It’s a Pro-God, Pro-family, inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining movie.

The movie follows the .

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