Re introduction of civic education in jamaca

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Re introduction of civic education in jamaca

Tweet on Twitter The future of any country depends on the youths in that country. No meaningful development can take place without their active participation. They are the young people, endowed with raw energy. They have high hopes, dreams, aspirations and ideas of what their tomorrow would be.

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They are anxious and dynamic, always bubbling in spirit. Their surplus energy when exploited is useful for the welfare of the country. Proper guidance and direction can bring them in the forefront of peaceful and national development.

Nigerian youths have contributed to the unity of the country through activities like football and other sporting activities. In the fields of information technology, business, agriculture, industry and many more, they have played critical roles. However, the recent violent, criminal and other anti-social activities around the country perpetrated by the youth, indicate that more efforts have to be made towards channeling the power and natural endowment of the young ones into better use both for themselves and the nation.

One viable way of achieving this is through civic education which inculcates sound moral values in the youths. It is the education which aims to help people learn how to become active, informed and responsible citizens. The British colonialists recognised that the noble values of honesty, obedience, hard work, tolerance and faith are germane to stabilising national life and upheld same for determining the development and progress of a nation.

Such values regulate the life of a nation and project good image for the country. They, therefore, introduced civic education to teach citizens the virtues of good citizenships, particularly, the values of obedience, humility and submission to constituted authority. Analysts argue that the current insecurity challenges facing the country, ethnic and religious violence, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, political Re introduction of civic education in jamaca and other social vices are results of the abandonment of civic education by successive governments.

They maintain that the lack of civic education and patriotic orientation had led to disorientation in schools and the larger society, leading to serious consequences. The prevalence of corruption, indiscipline, disrespect for both elders and the rule of law, indifference to duty, embezzlement of public fund, they say, are clear manifestations of the absence of civic education.

Re introduction of civic education in jamaca

Civic values such as courtesy, respect, charity, tolerance, dialogue have migrated from their midst. There is an apparent entrenchment of militarism, especially among the youth. Recognising the importance of civic education as a vital tool for peaceful development of Nigeria, the federal government indirected that the teaching of civic education should be re-introduction in schools.

The subject which is to be taught in primary and secondary schools is expected to further deepen democratic culture and encourage qualitative participation of the average Nigerian in the government process.

The necessity of re-introducing civic education in Nigerian primary and secondary schools, some say, has become very obvious because of the dwindling national consciousness, social harmony and patriotic zeal.

Ruth Osazuwa, Vice Principal academicsHoly Rosary College, Port Harcourt, said civic education is a very viable tool for peace building, particularly in heterogeneous democratic society like Nigeria. If somebody from the south knows the way people from the north behave, their values, he will appreciate them more.

Onoh, vice principal academicsPolice Comprehensive Secondary School, Mini-Okoro, said civic education will help Nigerian youths know about their immediate environment and the culture of people they live with. Many of them believe in Western culture and know nothing about the African culture. Onoh maintained that the knowledge of culture and tradition of different parts of the country would ensure more tolerance among the youths thereby reducing youth restiveness, ethnic and religious crisis which are threats to a peaceful society.

In the views of Mr. Prosper Unaegbu, a civic education teacher at Police Comprehensive Secondary School, Mini-Okoro, a rancour, crisis-free Nigeria could only be possible when the young ones who would take over the mantle of leadership from the elders tomorrow, know what could lead to crisis and the best ways of avoiding and resolving crisis.

These, he said are part of the curriculum of civic education.

Queens Library's Job & Business Academy and the Consortium for Worker Education have partnered to provide a free Job Readiness and Computer Training program for the unemployed or underemployed. This 7-week training program is a comprehensive series of workshops that offers entry-level to. New York Times Population Debate. March 17, Bill Ryerson The New York Times is publishing a series of articles on the impact immigrants are having on American institutions, with the first article focusing on educating new immigrants. Re-Introduction of Civic Education in Jamaca Jamaican are welcoming the decision by the Government to reintroduce civics to the school curriculum, noting that .

They will be able to know what government wants so that there will be peace and tranquility in the country. No community or nation carries out any developmental programme in the midst of war. No family can make any meaningful progress when disorder and quarrel remain the order of the day.

Similarly, a nation divided against itself cannot stand. Such a nation cannot develop or progress. In view of this, Mrs.

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Christy Young, an insurance broker suggested that government agencies like National Orientation Agency NOAMinistry of Information should carry out massive enlightenment campaign to educate people on their civic rights.

She alluded to earlier submission of some analysts that the prevalence of various social malaises in the country is due to lack of proper orientation of the youth and lack of exemplary leadership.

Civic education should not be targeted at the educated alone. Sharing similar a sentiment, Mr. Paulinus Edem, particularly blamed the sectarian violence witnessed in the country recently on lack of parental care and guidance on the youth.

He insisted that a well brought up child will certainly contribute towards the peacefully growth of the country.

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Miss Nana Ijede, a youth corps member, nonetheless said, government was yet to give the youth their due role in the building of the nation. The various levels of government have no clear programme for the youth of this country.Nov 21,  · Essayez la routine elle est mortelle combat compare and contrast research essay relationship break up essays on leadership sanduhrprinzip argumentation beispiel essay, sarah vowell essays on education an introduction to a research paper research essay writting romulus my father essay hsc the first day i met my best friend essay methodologie 4/4().

New York Times Population Debate. March 17, Bill Ryerson The New York Times is publishing a series of articles on the impact immigrants are having on American institutions, with the first article focusing on educating new immigrants. Before he began his political career Edward Seaga was a music producer and promoter.

He subsequently took a research post at the University of the West Indies. Music industry career. Seaga's research led to an interest in popular Jamaican music. In , he supervised the recording of an album of ethnic Jamaican music.

Re-Introduction of Civic Education in Jamaca. Topics: Education The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the assertion that civic education is a prerequisite to national leslutinsduphoenix.comy,it will define major words in the assignment and this will be followed by .

Education for Global Citizenship: The Needs of Teachers and Learners Introduction In today's global environment, social studies educators have the opportunity to expand their students’ vision of the role of citizenship in developing a democratic understanding by adopting multiple perspectives on citizenship.

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