Georgia science fair research paper guidelines

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Georgia science fair research paper guidelines

Georgia science fair research paper guidelines

The project, which examined whether an antioxidant found in green tea could prevent breast cancer tumors in planaria, a type of flatworms, also earned Stephen Litt, 12, an invitation to visit a Tufts University research lab over his spring break.

When his dad, Lesley Litt, told him that his malaria plan would not be realistic, he turned his focus to cancer research.

Lesley Litt Stephen Litt, 12, won multiple awards at this year's Georgia Science and Engineering Fair for his cancer-related science fair project. Stephen used planaria that were divided into four groups. Over the course of four weeks, one group was exposed to just epigallocatechingallate, or EGCG, the phytochemical found in green tea, while another was exposed to EGCG for 24 hours and then to two carcinogens for the rest of the four weeks.

The third group of worms was exposed to just the two types of carcinogens while the fourth group was exposed to just spring water.

Stephen documented the results using a microscope that was a present from his grandparents. Stephen found the planaria that were exposed to EGCG grew no tumors during the time he observed them. He also advanced to compete in a national science and engineering competition.

Stephen, who also plays tennis, oboe and is a Boy Scout, was awarded the prizes on April 1, which led to some confusion among his young friends. It just feels good," he said of the time he devotes to research. I'm doing something that is scientific and I'm doing something that could potentially help people.Paper – The research paper and all associated drafts should be submitted on time and revised as the project evolves.

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This topic is the largest component of the final grade. Oral Presentation – Presentations should be revised from previous drafts to reflect the most current work on the project. Science Fair Display Board Guidelines Sections: Purpose (Question), Hypothesis, Background Research, Materials, Procedures, Variables, Data, Results, Conclusion.

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The fair is a forum for students to present their research to the public and earn an opportunity to display their work at state and international competitions.

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