Faltinsky ray thesis

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Faltinsky ray thesis

At about the same time that Corporate Suites began its illegal enterprise, year old Julie Marcinek of Massachusetts became involved with a multilevel marketing company called Faltinsky ray thesis Skin International. The sales force meets directly with customers in their homes and offices to demonstrate and sell Nu Skin products.

Their income is the difference between the retail price at which the distributor sells the product and the price at which the distributor purchases the product from the company wholesale price.

Distributors can also devote considerable time to enlist new distributors for more financial rewards. According to Marcinek, Nu Skin has changed her life: I had no money to my name, no credit card, no car.

The estimate for Nu Skin's sales would not be confirmed or denied by Roney or Lund.

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Top Nu Skin personnel and distributors, however, confirmed the estimate. Edwards was arrested on July 19, by Florida authorities on charges of operating an illegal pyramid scheme. In the summer of Nu Skin was charged by the state of Michigan with being an illegal pyramid. The charges were dropped later that year.

The big attraction of the FundAmerica plan was, however, the potential to earn big money by selling new memberships and by recruiting others to do the same. Stuck with all these memberships, most FundAmerica distributors lost money.

Corporate Suites is an example of a pyramid where most participants lost money because of the nature of the marketing plan.

Faltinsky ray thesis

This case also demonstrates some of the jurisdictional problems that currently face states in their attempts to regulate pyramids. Nu Skin is an example of a company that has had a positive impact on many people's lives and has made some individuals wealthy. That FundAmerica was able to continue for almost four years and garnerdistributors is another example of the lack of clear legal guidelines through which to bring swift action against pyramids.

This paper first examines the history of multilevel marketing, including its ancestors: The paper then discusses the ineffective attempts to outlaw pyramids, to regulate legitimate multilevel marketing companies, and to devise a bright-line test that can distinguish between the two methods.

The paper then briefly analyzes the Pyramid Sales Act ofthe only federal regulatory proposal 18 Business Week, supra note 13, at Scott interview, supra note 5.

Finally, this paper proposes federal legislation that would integrate the best features of current regulations into a more effective and enforceable package. Federal legislation would outlaw any marketing structure using geometric progression that does not follow the federal guidelines.

Such illegal activities would be deemed pyramids.Ray Faltinsky â CEO & Co-Founder Ray received his Law Degree from Yale Law School. It was here that he began researching the Direct Sales Industry over a two-year period resulting in a page thesis . In Alaska, where many indigenous residents live in remote areas and depend on hunting and gathering for both livelihoods and cultural identity, fire threatens more than just homes (Osherenko , Wolfe , Chapin et al.

). Ray meets Kevin Fournier and they develop a friendship that will lead to the launch of one of the most successful companies in the Direct Selling industry. CEO & Co-Founder Ray Faltinsky travels across America meeting with corporate executives in the Direct Selling industry while writing his thesis .


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FreeLife International is a multi-level marketing company established in by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier that supplies nutritional supplements.. History. The cofounders Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier originally founded FreeLife in The two were backed by a group of investors that included family, friends and Anson Beard, previously of Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter.

I propose that these guidelines suggest that the historical information about the origin of Ray Faltinsky’s interest in nutrition and his Yale thesis are the context in which the management philosophy, vision and values of FreeLife were created.

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