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Document write alternative apparel

Stumble Are you spending too much on buying t-shirt blanks and printing your designs? If so, read on because this post is for you.

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Quite a few of my private coaching clients and entrepreneurs who have purchased the T-shirt Profits ebook have emailed me recently to ask if the price that they are paying to purchase and print their t-shirts is too high.

However, where this gets expensive is when you purchase your t-shirt blanks from a printer or a distributor, instead of purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Printers and distributors need to make money too, so they usually purchase the tees from the manufacturer and mark them up a bit so they can make a profit as well.

But if you want to keep your costs down, you should be purchasing your t-shirt blanks directly from the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers work only with distributors, in which case you need to purchase document write alternative apparel blank tees directly from the distributor.

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Bellafor example, offers wholesale pricing only through their distributors, so you are not able to purchase directly from them. Anvil works the same way. So if you are using tees from Alternative Apparel for your line, you will get the best price if you purchase directly from Alternative Apparel, rather than from your printer or one of their distributors.

However, even if a company has many distributors, not all of them will sell the same tee for the same price.

document write alternative apparel

You should sign up for a wholesale account with a few distributors maybe and see which ones are offering the best price on the blank tees that you are interested in. That way you can minimize your costs and maximize your profits. And you can also save money on printing.

Before you decide to go with a specific printer, make sure to get quotes from at least other printers and see which ones are offering the best prices but make sure their client references check out and that they offer great service — sometimes you do get what you pay for and a cheaper printing cost may mean that the printer is skimping on customer service or their quality is not as great.

And the more tees you print for the same designthe lower the cost per tee.

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Ask your printer to give you quotes for different quantity breakdowns. Keep in mind that the fewer print locations and colors you have in your design, the less expensive the printing costs will be.

document write alternative apparel

Every dollar you can save on either printing, shipping or the actual tee itself, will affect your profit margin and your company.

So gets lots of quotes from different manufacturers, printers and distributors before you decide on which one makes the most sense for your business.Our Solar Sign Light is designed to draw attention to your real estate signs by casting light on both sides.

It can be mounted on vinyl, aluminum or wood real estate sign posts.

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Clothing, apparel, & accessories by Alternative Apparel for men and women. Buy clothing and apparel in our exclusive soft eco-fabric, organic, pima, and many other unique fabrics and styles. Free shipping and free returns on all domestic orders. FASB ASC Revenue Recognition an alternative.

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