Craze of modern gadgets

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Craze of modern gadgets

Timothy Caulfield, a specialist in health care law, warns that the DNA tests might even be reinforcing racial interpretations of society. Oct 20, Millions of Americans are using DNA test kits sold online to research their ancestry, either out of simple curiosity or to find answers about their identity.

Craze of modern gadgets

But some academics warn the craze could reinforce racial stereotypes and divisions. In a country whose population, for the most part, arrived in various waves of migration- and where genealogy has caught the public imagination- the DNA tests have proven wildly successful.

The main companies offering the service, Ancestry and 23andMe, say they have tested between 15 million people between them. Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh By way of proof, the site showcases an African-American descended from a slave and a white person descended from a slave-owning family who found out through the company's tests that they have a common ancestor.

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They now meet at that ancestor's grave in the spirit of "reconciliation. Two sociologists, Joan Donovan and Aaron Panofsky, became interested in discussions on a far-right website called Stormfront, where users said they had received "bad news" from their DNA tests.

Their research "points out that based on white nationalists' responses to genetic information upon learning their test results, there is no reason to believe that they would give up their racial ideology, and, more importantly, that genetic information cannot be relied on to change the views of white nationalists.

In one advert for Ancestry's DNA testing service, a man tells how he used to wear Bavarian lederhosen because he thought he was descended from German immigrants, but switched to a kilt because he found he had Scottish ancestors.

He acknowledged that most people just did it "for fun," and that "it does not really alter the way the see the world. Substituting words like 'ancestry' or 'heritage' for the disreputable old term 'race' may sound like progress, but it isn't," he said.

Native Americans showed this week they are already aware of the problem, when they rejected claims by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren that DNA tests showed her Native heritage.

That sentiment was echoed by Brandon Scott, editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, the nation's oldest native newspaper founded in He said Warren's actions -- carried out in response to taunts by President Donald Trump, who dubbed her "Pocahontas" for claiming Native American ancestry -- "add some legitimacy to the myth that Native American heritage is tied to DNA.

It is in our communities, it is in the words of our elders and the faces of our children.In modern age lots of information is available on the internet. Some of this information can be “adult material” and that is really unsuitable and disturbing for children.

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