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These characteristics remain essentially the same throughout all of Hemingway's works. The Hemingway Hero is always courageous, confident, and introspective.

Chaucer writing assignment

The Doctor is mistaken for the god Zeus, while Vicki is captured and taken inside the walls of the besieged city. The Doctor must match wits with the suspicious Chaucer writing assignment, while Vicki tries to escape the fate that history has decreed for the Trojans.

Cotton had written numerous musical revues for the stage, expanding his horizons to television in the Fifties. More recently, he had been writing plays for BBC Radio, often with a comedic bent.

Tosh and incoming producer John Wiles were keen to push the boundaries of the programme, and felt that Cotton might be able to deliver a high comedy.

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Cotton accepted Tosh's invitation on the condition that he be allowed to choose his own subject material and involve some of his BBC Radio colleagues in the production. Several of Cotton's plays had involved elements of Greek mythology, and so he suggested the Trojan War as a suitable setting for a Doctor Who story.

The War, most famously related in Homer's Iliad, may have been based upon real historical events which took place around the start of the twelfth century BC, and many of the legendary figures involved were probably chaucer writing assignment people.

Since the Trojan Horse was likely fictional, Donald Cotton made it a plot point that the Doctor would try not to suggest it One significant element that was likely fictional was the famous Trojan Horse possibly inspired by early siege engines which were first being introduced around that timeand so Cotton opted to make it a plot point that the Doctor would not want to mention the Horse for fear of changing history.

Also appearing in the Iliad but not historically factual was Paris, who originated in an earlier Greek myth. Another source of inspiration for Cotton was the story of Troilus and Cressida. Variations of this romance started to appear as early as the twelfth century, and it was later made famous in the works of Boccaccio, Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Chaucer Writing Assignment

In the legend, the Trojan prince Troilus falls for a young priestess, Cressida. However, Cressida ultimately leaves him for the Greek warrior Diomede, leading to Troilus' death during the fall of Troy.

Cotton also made liberal use of other Greek myths in his dialogue and in naming his characters. The spy Cyclops, for example, took his name from the legendary one-eyed giants who would most famously appear in the Odyssey, Homer's sequel to the Iliad.

One story element -- Steven's wounding during the closing moments of the final episode -- came by request of Terry Nation, who planned to incorporate it into the first part of the next serial, the epic The Daleks' Master Plan.

The serial finally became known simply as The Myth Makers. Cotton's planned episode titles were altered due to BBC disapproval of the punning theme the author had devised for them.

Only the original name for the second episode, Small Prophet, Quick Return survived at Tosh's insistence. John Wiles was unhappy with Maureen O'Brien, and therefore decided that Vicki would be written out of Doctor Who A major change came during the break between Doctor Who's second production block and its third for which The Myth Makers would be the first serial in production.

During the making of Galaxy 4 in July, Wiles had been unhappy with Maureen O'Brien's complaints about her dialogue in that story. He therefore decided that Vicki would be written out in The Myth Makers, which coincided with the expiry of O'Brien's contract.

Cotton's storyline was amended to have Vicki stay with Troilus and help him escape the siege of Troy, despite the fact that this now contradicted the traditional myth.

Wiles and Tosh conceived a new companion, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, to replace Vicki; she would be introduced in the final episode of Cotton's story.

chaucer writing assignment

It quickly became clear that the character's archaic background would limit her potential, however, so Wiles and Tosh elected to kill off Katarina midway through The Daleks' Master Plan. Leeston-Smith had worked behind the scenes on both film and television in a variety of capacities since the Thirties.

He had finally become a director for the BBC inworking on such programmes as Z Cars; this would be his lone Doctor Who assignment. This got under way on August 27th and continued until September 2nd.

A focus during this period was the various sword fights required by the script; both Cavan Kendall Achilles and James Lynn Troilus received minor injuries as a result, forcing remounts of some scenes. Shortly after location shooting wrapped up, Leeston-Smith spent a day possibly September 3rd filming model shots at the Ham Polo Club in Middlesex.

After returning from vacation, Maureen O'Brien was shocked to learn that The Myth Makers would be her swansong Meanwhile, the regular cast had returned from their vacation unaware that Doctor Who would imminently undergo a major change in front of the cameras.The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment You have finished reading the selections from The Canterbury Tales and are familiar with the design of a frame story.

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