Answers to major literature questions

Rome The book is about the computer modeling of unchecked economic and population growth with finite resource supplies. It predicted that economic growth could not continue indefinitely because of the limited availability of natural resources, particularly oil.

Answers to major literature questions

The changes in the definition of disability in the ADAAA apply to all titles of the ADA, including title I employment practices of private employers with 15 or more employees, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor unions, agents of the employer and joint management labor committees ; title II programs and activities of state and local government entities ; and title III private entities that are considered places of public accommodation.

Other federal agencies, such as the U. Department of Justice, the U.

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Department of Transportation and the U. Department of Labor, will need to amend their regulations to reflect the changes in the definition of disability required by the ADAAA. Which employers are covered by title I of the ADA?

The title I employment provisions apply to private employers with 15 or more employees, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor unions, agents of the employer and joint management labor committees. What practices and activities are covered by the employment nondiscrimination requirements?

The ADA prohibits discrimination in all employment practices, including job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. It applies to recruitment, advertising, tenure, layoff, leave, fringe benefits, and all other employment-related activities.

Who is protected from employment discrimination? Employment discrimination against individuals with disabilities is prohibited. This includes applicants for employment Answers to major literature questions employees.

Persons discriminated against because they have a known association or relationship with an individual with a disability also are protected. The first part of the definition makes clear that the ADA applies to persons who have impairments and that these must substantially limit major life activities.

There are two non-exhaustive lists of examples of major life activities: Major life activities also include the operation of major bodily functions, including: Examples of specific impairments that should easily be concluded to be disabilities include: The second part of the definition protecting individuals with a record of a disability would cover, for example, a person who has recovered from cancer or mental illness.

Under the third part of the definition, a covered entity has regarded an individual as having a disability if it takes an action prohibited by the ADA e. Does the ADA require that an applicant or employee with a disability be qualified for the position?

Requiring the ability to perform "essential" functions assures that an individual with a disability will not be considered unqualified simply because of inability to perform marginal or incidental job functions.

If the individual is qualified to perform essential job functions except for limitations caused by a disability, the employer must consider whether the individual could perform these functions with a reasonable accommodation.

If a written job description has been prepared in advance of advertising or interviewing applicants for a job, this will be considered as evidence, although not conclusive evidence, of the essential functions of the job. Does an employer have to give preference to an applicant with a disability over other applicants?

An employer is free to select the most qualified applicant available and to make decisions based on reasons unrelated to a disability.

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For example, suppose two persons apply for a job as a typist and an essential function of the job is to type 75 words per minute accurately. One applicant, an individual with a disability, who is provided with a reasonable accommodation for a typing test, types 50 words per minute; the other applicant who has no disability accurately types 75 words per minute.

The employer can hire the applicant with the higher typing speed, if typing speed is needed for successful performance of the job. What limitations does the ADA impose on medical examinations and inquiries about disability? An employer may not ask or require a job applicant to take a medical examination before making a job offer.

It cannot make any pre-offer inquiry about a disability or the nature or severity of a disability. An employer may condition a job offer on the satisfactory result of a post-offer medical examination or medical inquiry if this is required of all entering employees in the same job category.

A post-offer examination or inquiry does not have to be job-related and consistent with business necessity. However, if an individual is not hired because a post-offer medical examination or inquiry reveals a disability, the reason s for not hiring must be job-related and consistent with business necessity.For the first essay, a common theme in American literature and a list of major American authors are provided.

Test takers are asked to write a well organized essay discussing the way that theme is handled in works by any two of those authors. Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature.

Answers to major literature questions

Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. Nederlands Deutsch. Is there something you have always wanted to know about language? We might have an answer!

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On this page we answer questions about various aspects of language asked by people outside of the language researcher community.

FAQ Q&A Questions and Answers - European (EU/EC) Authorised/Authorized Representative (EC Rep) service for CE Marking for non-EU products: Medical Devices (MDD), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Answers to major literature questions

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The Literature in English Test contains questions on poetry, drama, biography, the essay, the short British Literature to (including Milton) (%) 3.

British Literature (%) 4. American Literature through.

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