Annie sloan projects

I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks! We are having a record breaking month and I am doing everything I can to keep up! This is a wonderful problem to have and we are blessed beyond measure, but it has been exhausting!

Annie sloan projects

And happppppppy Monday to you. I grabbed an old table that worked perfectly for this little experiment and I got to work. Both the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum version allow for minimal prep work. No sanding is required, no primer needed. You just grab your piece of furniture and start painting.

Both can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and even plastic. Both can be easily distressed for a vintage look.

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Both are low-odor and easy to clean up. Both are supposed to dry in a matte finish. I applied both with a regular paint brush. Here goes the first coat of paint. I did no sanding or prep work on this table before I started painting. I put Annie Sloan on the right side of the table and the Rust-Oleum on the left side of the table.

Thoughts After First Coat of Paint Both had very similar coverage and went on fairly streaky for this first coat, as you can see. Both offered decent coverage on the first coat, but both sides definitely needs a second coat as you can see.

I noticed right away that the Annie Sloan chalk paint has a much thicker consistency, while the Rust-Oleum paint reminded me of normal latex paint. The Annie Sloan paint dries in a a very rough, dry finish while the Rust-Oleum is more of a semi-matte, smooth finish.

I found the second coat of Annie Sloan paint a little harder to apply compared to the Rust-Oleum paint. The second coat seemed to cake up for me a bit, which I have experienced in the past with Annie Sloan paint.

Annie sloan projects

If you look closely you can see how it caked up in the top photo above. I was able to easily distress each with sandpaper for a vintage look. Overall Thoughts on the Annie Sloan vs. I think you could get away with not using it with the Rust-Oleum paint.

It dries to a very smooth finish that is actually really nice. It looks like Amazon currently offers seven different colors, whereas Annie Sloan has three to four times that many.

All right, that was a LONG one folks.Dec 20,  · Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and an Early Christmas Present.

It’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas around here. The tree is decorated (by my kids of course) and the stockings are hung.

Sep 13,  · We have been using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a year now and have been selling it in our store for about 5 months.

We are hooked. This paint is so easy to use and the projects Author: the vintage bricoleur. Inside our Mini Project Pack, you'll find everything you need to create your own Annie Sloan masterpiece. Perfect for small projects like a chair, stool or small table!

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Contains. Annie Sloan chalk paint does not require sanding, base coat or multiple coats of paint! These chalk paint colors cover in one coat! That saves time, money and allows me to do more projects . Be inspired by Chalk Paint® decorative furniture paint, fabric and upcycling projects from Annie Sloan and her Painters in Residence from around the world.

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