A response to jerry a coynes study on the formation of fossils

I am sometimes accused of having a sense of humor. This base canard is completely unfounded; I merely have great material sent to me. For example, this is an actual abstract for a paper given at the Baramin Study Group conference. Just try to read it without laughing out loud.

A response to jerry a coynes study on the formation of fossils

It is a very prominent accusation leveled against Bible believing Christians with some very reputable figures behind it. Schadewald, former president of the National Center for Science Education, claims that many of the early church fathers were flat-earthers.

But Columbus lived in the 15th century, so that must mean that prior to the 15th century everyone including the authors of the Bible from the first century and earlier thought the earth was flat too, right?

Naturally, pictures like this come to mind when thinking of Columbus and his declaration that the earth was round. So I began to research the issue myself and found that the vast majority of Christians maintained the same views, but a few were divided on the issue.

There are Christians that do believe in a round earth and do not believe the Bible teaches a flat earth. But there are also Christians who maintain that, yes the earth is round, but agree that the Bible teaches the earth is flat.

They are known as the Flat Earth Society, www. So to find clarity on the subject I researched the history of the flat earth myth as well as what the Bible actually says about the subject. Here are my findings: Is the Earth Flat? No, the earth is not flat, obviously. History of the Flat Earth Myth: However, such speculation is shallow and inaccurate.

Some ancient civilizations actually did understand the earth to be curved, especially those civilizations that were sea faring nations. After all, their boats and ships were traveling over the horizon and not falling off the edge of the earth.

Additionally, the curve of the earth could be seen in that when ships appeared on the horizon, their mast would appear first, then the hull. Outside of how objects appeared on the horizon, there were other inclinations to the ancient Greeks that the earth was round.

This would only be possible if the earth was round. One day he read that in the Egyptian town of Syene the sun cast no shadows on vertical objects every year on June 21, meaning the sun was directly overhead. So naturally on June 21 Erathosthenes placed vertical sticks in the ground to see if the same results would happen in Alexandria.

But in Alexandria, the sticks did cast a shadow. He figured the shadows must be due to the curve of the earth, so he measured the degree of divergence from the shadows on the ground to the sticks, which was about seven degrees.

A response to jerry a coynes study on the formation of fossils

He then hired a man to pace out the distance from Syene to Alexandria, which came out to km. According to physicist and cosmologist Dr. Some may have thought so, but most others certainly did not. When considering Christian early church fathers and theologians, only two within the entire history of early Christian theology can be accused of believing in a flat earth: His writings were not translated into Latin until[15] so no one in Europe would have been influenced by his writings until In the 7th century lived Venerable Behe, an English monk known for his scholarly work in history, theology and science.

More importantly, Behe considered the earth a spherical orb. On the other side tens of thousands of Christian theologians, poets, artists, and scientists took the spherical view throughout the early, medieval, and modern church. The point is that no educated person believed otherwise. It showcases the knowledge that the appearance of ships on the horizon testified to a curved earth.

Furthermore, the claim that 15th century explorer Christopher Columbus was the first to discover that the world was round is, and by now you should agree, false. So it was assumed that traveling west from Europe to India would mean traversing one large super ocean, and thus, be too far of a journey.

The issue was the width of the ocean.Quotations Search of Oxford English Dictionary, 2d edition Quotations 68 "The decomposition of the organic remains by anaerobic bacteria results in the formation of sulphuretted hydrogen. "anaesthetic China 1 "The study of bygone cultures and civilizations by means of their artifactual remains has never ceased to be a part of.

The following article was written by Dr John C Walton in response to an article by Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne which was published in the Guardian on 1 September on the other hand, can confidently claim the equivalent “cinematic” sequence of fossils for a very large number of evolutionary transitions I study the Bible.

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3 cheers for Jerry Coynes new book. Pointing out that certain hominid fossils have been demoted. Mar 23,  · IDiots respond to the evidence for evolution of chimpanzees and humans actually there is no proof that DNA is the unique cause of the formation of a certain species.

It is likely that many other factors play a role.

Darwinism | Prometheism Transhumanism Post Humanism - Part 14 June 13, at In Why Evolution is True, he summarizes Darwinismthe modern theory of evolutionas follows:
Comentários The fossil record includes a progression from early biogenic graphite,[5] to microbial mat fossils,[6][7][8] to fossilised multicellular organisms. Existing patterns of biodiversity have been shaped both by speciation and by extinction.
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The study raises questions over why mRNA expression levels differ between species if they do not necessarily. Mar 13,  · We have had the privilege of being involved in excavation and study of one of the largest dinosaur bone beds in the world from the Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation in eastern Wyoming.

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